QQ Signature Rakhis

If you ever wish to see an absolute balance of anything in life - put a brother and sister in one single frame, and the balance oozes out of that visual. 

Love to Hate. Agree to Disagree. Shout with whispers. Warmth in Cold. Sane with Insanity. Live to Die. Word it, and you'll have it. All wrapped together as the most beautiful bond in the world!

Celebrating that very balance is the QQ Signature Rakhi's, designed, handcrafted and brought to life as a signature series. The rawness of wood and the freshness of pastels, the simplicity of purpose and the complexity of layers, the ordinary of reuse with the exclusivity of a limited edition - QQ Signature Rakhis: a Raksha Bandhan special for the super special bond!

8 limited edition designs made of wood and designed for reuse. The Rakhi can then be kept by the sibling as a charm and keychain to use. Made of wood, the most renewable resource, it protects nature mother, as much as bringing joy to the brother.