Cigar black | Wooden Sunglasses | Wood Prescription Frame | QQ frames
Cigar black | Wooden Sunglasses | Wood Prescription Frame | QQ frames
Cigar black | Wooden Sunglasses | Wood Prescription Frame | QQ frames

Cigar black | Wooden Sunglasses | Wood Prescription Frame | QQ frames

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Cigar black: Frame Carved from Wengai wood.

Every product is made with utmost love and passion, which involves more than 60 steps to handcraft a single Wooden Premium Spectacle Frame with precise Laser engravings.

WOOD: It is a 9 thin layered wood with a 3 layered birch in between, that makes the eyewear slim yet tough.

• We usually make a frame with 9 different wood 1. Teak 2. Padak 3. Rosewood 4. Mila 5. Rubberwood 6. Walnut 7. Sapeli 8. Wengai 9. Birch
• Water-resistant and Scratch resistant topcoats add a luxury look to the Eyewear.
• Frames can be fit with both sunglasses and Rx lenses.
• Any Breakages? We do free maintenance and parts replacements.
• Free Wooden Box with Personalized names/Messages/Symbols
• Handmade by a group of Indian Engineers.
• Every product has its own unique textures as no wood sheets are similar.
• We are not traders as many buy products in bulk and trade, we are passionate woodworkers who manufacture all the product listed in our page ourselves starting from product design to lens fitting, and we are proud of being so! Keep supporting those few Original Creative manufacturers of the world for new Innovations to flourish in.

Vision :

We believe in green. We as a company believe that nature has everything we need in order to create something of our own. We believe that as the superior race we have the responsibility to consume from nature and preserve it at the same time. So we expect to reinvent a whole range of plastic products, with materials from nature and become the inception of an anti-plastic revolution, starting with an item used by almost all ages. The Spectacles. In short, we are going to introduce the evolution of “The Specs” with materials and designs that have never been thought of before.
Let Every Individual of the World Wear Wood for their vision needs.


Return the product within two days after delivery, Customized frames cannot be returned. If lenses are prescription lenses, then the price for the frame will be refunded! For issues related to size better send us a specification of your previous frame, we can remake the product for a special price.

After a one-year time, within the first 20 days, you can exchange your frame for a special price. All we need is people around the globe must wear wooden eyewear forever.

Lens Fitting:

Kindly Email us your prescription to for Rx lens and power sunglasses. We strongly recommend our customers to buy frames inclusive of lenses, we fit lenses properly in our product than others, all wooden frames are prone to damage during lens fitting, so it’s better to fit lens from us. Still, if you are fitting lenses yourself, on breakages please send the frames back and purchase new with special price.

You can never throw anything “AWAY”, it somehow finds “A WAY” to reach somewhere and pollute it. And thus here is an Upcycled alternate, Wooden Eyewear!

Congrats! The journey which is going to go a thousand miles has begun. Thank you for contributing to the same.