Environment Sustainability : Wonder, Ponder & Yonder (series 1 of 3)

Here’s an insight: there can never be absolute sustainability,

yet why do we wish to pursue the never-to-happen?

Sustainability (going by the Cambridge Dictionary) in the context of the environment is defined as: the quality of causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to continue for a long time. Going by this general understanding, since we can’t really measure the word ‘little’ nor define how long is ‘long time’, we choose to leave it loose & open-ended - not because someone defined it so, but it’s purely because we are still to get there and are so far, it’s only imaginative.
Hence, wonder. 

Wonder about sustainability. Wonder! 

What’s the impact of throwing away your batteries with the regular garbage? It’s created with all elements of nature, then why doesn’t it naturally dissolve into nature?

As human beings, we have evolved to the point of growth (or some term it decline) where we assume we can use the resources offered by nature at will. And often the drive for our short term, quick & big gains or just pure laziness - blinds us & puts at stake the ‘long time’ in the definition of sustainability. 

The truth is sustainability requires effort. An economic effort. A time effort. A thought effort. And not once - but constantly and consistently, like a demand, that is unseen and more often not measurable. Put in that effort. Now. Today. Everyday. Wonder how? Well, put in that effort. Specially because the way we are sold happiness, peace & love by advertisers & people around us, we often believe that’s the only way to get there. Honestly, because something is loud, doesn’t mean it’s the best or only way to get there. Reflect, and make your choices. 

Because businesses, organizations & governments are a conglomeration of a large group of individuals, they often make change easier and impact deep & measurable. That is why they have a greater responsibility of sustainability by being careful of the choices they make while serving or creating. Despite that, don’t wait for your organization or government to do something, find your own ways to being environment-friendly.  

How MANY of us are ok to put that additional effort, money, time & thought - just to ensure Mother Earth is being taken care of? The brighter side is, many of us are now wanting to respect the relation with Mother Earth and are looking to make sustainability live beyond the dictionary (including wanting to think what’s the impact of this blog being typed & read). To think of sustainability or the impact of our actions might be something we can’t fathom, yet we just need to begin. Now.

How? Don’t wonder. 

Use resources judiciously. Take decisions consciously. Start within your world.
Love long drives? Make a shift in your choice of vehicle. Effort. Time. Thought.
Love traveling? Make a shift in how you move around. Effort. Time. Thought.
Love social gatherings? Take a cue on how they too can be judicious in their own domains. Effort. Time. Thought.
Constantly. Consistently. And we believe, there won’t be much to WONDER. 

By the way, to answer the first question about batteries : if batteries aren’t disposed off separately they go into landfills and contaminate underground water besides often burning to release toxic gases in the air, which isn’t just about the future but the now, where each day cities are being deprived of drinking water and clean air. Hence, may be start with this. Or if you already do - get onto the next, because clearly we all have a never ending long way to go!

And yes, to help those reading this blog in Bengaluru, India - here’s an organisation that’s helping collect e-waste / batteries. Where are they located? Well, they are right around the corner. Locations of Saahas e-Waste bins can be found in the following map: http://goo.gl/TpMae.  

And knowing that we are all wanting to be responsible, am sure google can help find you one near your home or office. 'Coz Google helped me find this one here! Just put in that effort. That little one. 

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