About Qreative Qick

Qreative Qick from the house of Simply Wish (SWISH) is headquartered in Bengaluru, India - all products are conceptualized, designed and manufactured by our in-house team of passionate crafters, who find their every day high in creating handcrafted eyewear that is as good as any machine-made in the world.

What do we do at QQ?
We delve into the rawness of wood to the raw jeans and jute, from vintage designs to modern & contemporary, from simplistic to intricate - the spectrum of our craft is a canvas we look to change with every passing day. Adding new products, developing new concepts and delivering wow in our now - is why we do what we do.

The Purpose. The Intent.
Set out to give our passion a purpose, and create India’s own sustainable eyewear brand - that becomes a lifestyle choice that offers comfort, style and is by its soul is environment friendly. A brand that constantly evolves in material usage (renewable resources) and is at par with any international brand of its kind ensuring human wants meet planet needs. We started our journey & continue to pursue the thought: Have a broken wooden chair / furniture? Don’t thrash it. Give it to us we will make an eyewear out of it for you.

The Eyewear 
From the small town of Karaikudi, (famous for upcycling wood), little did we know when we began that we are the first and only handcrafted wooden eyewear makers in the country (and continue to be so to this date), while we hope more natural material eyewear makers take up the cause of eyewear creation. And yes, the journey has been just as fulfilling as overwhelming.

Collation of all our findings over a period of seven years and resulted in us creating a complex yet structured 64 step process, that today, goes into every piece of eyewear we make. Except the base which is laser cut, the entire process is handcrafted. We introduced a layer of birch between hardwood that got us closer to our dream. To ensure lightweight & strength, we broke down the making of the eyewear into 3x3 layers of wood, also made the eyewear water & scratch resistant to further its longevity.To keep the fashionable quotient at its heart, so far, we’ve developed over 800 designs in three varying sizes.

Nominated in the top 5 for the Lexus India Design Award (LDAI) 2021 under the craft category for our wooden eyewear (the Blackhole), LDAI 2022 (Jean eyewear for Textile Category) and LDAI 2023 (Jute eyewear for Lifestyle Accessory Category). Our wooden eyewear has also passed all parameters of ISO 12870-2016 barring measurement that leaves minimum range for pass.

Our Guiding Star
Be. Believe. Beautiful - remains core to everything we create.