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Designs: inspired by nature

Humans arent called apes or the descendants of apes for no reason (Ah! Remember the theory of evolution?). And it’s the inherent nature of survival to learn, adapt & change - by closely observing how things around us function,  that we as a species on this planet, keep finding answers to our challenges in nature.  Copying. Inspired. Aping.We do it - for whatever reasons, we do it. We ape everything, right from birth, else we wouldn’t even know how to walk upright. Remember how Mowgli or Tarzan learnt the art of survival & for a good time had their postures & movements like one would in the wild when they hadn’t seen or even known another of their kind exists. We...

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Environment Sustainability: Wonder, Ponder & Yonder (series 3 of 3)

Yonder.  Invariably we human beings have evolved to become a species that believes that we are not just intelligent but also powerful enough to use that intelligence to do anything. And to undo anything.  Undo? Unsure. Very unsure. Yonder means at a distance or over there. And while sustainability seems to be over there and one just needs to get there, why does this continue to be a question that doesn’t seem to have an answer? Well, maybe the answers lie inside the questions we ask. The answer is and will never be a one-time, let's solve the challenge and is an ongoing dynamic process that we need to be aware of constantly. While we may all be talking of the same solutions...

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Environment Sustainability : Wonder, Ponder & Yonder (series 2 of 3)

       Ponder.  There is a lot to think about before we act on the subject of sustainability. While there are governments & countries running campaigns on being sustainable & saving the environment, in a country like India that majorly comprises average income earners, most seem to be living the life of sustainability, almost naturally.  Not just grandmother's wisdom of reusing & recycling things at home, but a natural survival mode gets on as most people look to minimize usage & maximize utility. Whether it’s the morning newspaper used to wrap and pack things or the elder brother's used clothes & books ritually handed over to the younger ones - you’ll find every home doing its bit to be...

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