QQ Eyewear:

1. Can your wooden eyewear be used as reading / prescription based spectacles?
Yes - all our eyewear is designed for both prescription-based as well as sunglasses. Share your prescription details and we will have them customized for you.

2. Can I buy just the frame and get my lenses fixed by my regular optician?
We strongly recommend getting the lenses fixed with us as our wooden eyewear are differently engineered and not all opticians may be comfortable fixing the same.

3. I am not sure which size of the eyewear I should buy. Can you help?
Sure. Our eyewear comes in three sizes : Small, Medium and Large. Universal size of medium fits most.

4. How do I satisfy myself with the quality of your eyewear?
Our passion-infused products are all engineered for the highest quality. QQ eyewear has passed all ISO 12870-2016 except the measurement aspects as the negligible variation is handcrafted. Our frames have also been internally tested & passed the deformation weather test with a 276 days mark.

5. What is your return policy on eyewear?
We would love to assist with an exchange or return only if your eyewear has not been customized. If the eyewear has been customized for lens, specific pattern, size or name engraving, etc. then it'll not be exchangeable or returnable.

6. I observe a color / pattern variation in my frame. Is that a concern?
Since our eyewear is made of wood and completely handcrafted - the minor variations in color and pattern are the resultant differentiating factor. While we strive to give you what you see, the variations are only symbolic of them being natural and pure.

7. Do you gift wrap and ship to another country?
Yes, we assist gift paper wrapping and also ship worldwide, with additional shipping charges. Write to us at info@qqshop.in and we will assist you further.

8. Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?
All our products are handcrafted and hence volume or bulk orders may not always have the benefit of economies of scale. However, do write to us at info@qqshop.in and we will certainly offer you our best.

9. Do you have a store where we can walk-in to see the products?
Currently, the products are stocked at our design-cum-manufacturing studio, and you are welcome to walk-in to our little den and experience our creations. It is not a store per se, but the warmth of our team will ensure you have a happy visit. Click here for the studio timings & location.

Wall Arts / Wall Clocks / Collectibles Related

1. I would like to buy a particular clock / wall art. But can I get it in a different color?
Yes, we can achieve a set of wooden colors besides what you see and can make variations with other colors. Please connect with us and we will help do the needful. Mail us at: info@qqshop.in

2. How heavy are your wall art & wall clocks? I'd like to carry them on my flight?
While the weight of the clock / wall art vary basis size. The standard 12" clock weighs approx 600-800 grams including the sustainable cardboard packaging.

3. Do you customise wall clocks / wall arts / collectibles?
Yes, we customise in terms of color, size and minor design variations. We also personalise all our products. However, if there is a particular design you are looking to create from base, then please do write to us at info@qqshop.in with the details.

4. Do your products come with a manufacturing warranty?
Yes, all our products come with 1 year manufacturing warranty.

For all queries, mail us at info@qqshop.in or Whatsapp +91-98868 46630